Bourbon Barrel-Aged

Batch # 28

In another spectacular California vintage, Winemaker Bob Blue drew on a base of dry-farmed, head-trained Zinfandel vines from Mendocino County to craft this nuanced red. These choice vineyards lend the wine tremendous depth, classic structure and red fruit notes balanced by subtle spice. Hedonistic, juicy Zinfandel from Lodi (22%) brings round tannins and opulent notes of dark fruit to the 2015 1000 Stories Zinfandel. Attractive flavors of red licorice and brown spice usher into the blend courtesy of Paso Robles vineyards (18%), while a touch of soulful Lake County Petite Sirah completes the wine, contributing depth of color and profound suggestions of black pepper.

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Bob sources grapes from premium vineyards throughout California, selecting parcels which are most expressive. Mendocino County is celebrated for Zinfandel, so Bob considers Mendocino grapes as an essential component to the blend. These vineyards are located on bench land from Redwood Valley south to the Sanel Valley, a distance of 26 miles, and range in age from 9-45 years old.

Barrels & Aging

1000 Stories begins its aging like most Zinfandels: in wine barrels. Then, the tradition transitions to innovation. Bob selects a combination of new and used bourbon barrels to complete the aging process. Each batch is crafted individually and is unique in its final profile.  Aging in bourbon barrels imparts characteristics of charred vanilla and dried herbs.