Bourbon Barrel - Aged

Batch #61

Batch 61 is a release from 2017, a vintage characterized by a warmer-than-usual climate, which allowed the grapes to ripen to their signature richness.  Batch 61 is a full-bodied, rich wine with ripe fruit notes of dried cherry and bramble. A thread of vanilla spice, mocha and butterscotch hints at the character of our older bourbon barrels..

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The wine marries Mendocino’s historic old-vine Zinfandel sites with vineyards in Paso Robles, Lodi and Amador County. Zinfandel lends a generous core of ripe fruit, accented by fragrant notes of spice box and sautéed herbs, while Petite Sirah imparts considerable density, minerality and an unmistakeable ruby-purple hue. In signature 1000 Stories fashion, this batch was aged in traditional French and American oak, with a portion finished in charred bourbon barrels before the final blend was assembled.

Barrels & Aging

1000 Stories begins its aging like most Zinfandels: in wine barrels. Then, the tradition transitions to innovation. Bob selects a combination of new and used bourbon barrels to complete the aging process. Each batch is crafted individually and is unique in its final profile.  Aging in bourbon barrels imparts characteristics of charred vanilla and dried herbs.