Summer gives us so many great things. Sunshine, exploring the outdoors, and our favorite, grilling. Firing up the grill on a warm summer evening is a timeless endeavor that always puts a smile on our face.

One of our favorite things to cook up in the summer is a traditional bratwurst. Full of rich and timeless flavor, this bratwurst was meant to be enjoyed in the sun. To enhance your experience even more, pair your bratwurst with 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon. Our Cabernet Sauvignon also brings its own adventure of flavor to the table, and has been aged in new and used bourbon barrels, giving it characteristics of charred vanilla and a hint of caramel.

When you’re outside grilling this summer, make sure to soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the unbeatable combination of bratwurst and 1000 Stories Cabernet Sauvignon.

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