Longer days and lots of light always brings out the best in us. A long workday? Not always the case. As we move into the summer months, we’re building out the routines that mean a little less work, and a little more play. After a long day of work, our perfect summer wind-down recipe means we’re finding:

  • Wide open spaces, breathing fresh air and whatever cool breeze you can catch.
  • Great company. Whether that’s family and friends, or blasting the music that’s been stuck on repeat in your head. Need some suggestions? Some of our closest companions can be found in the 2021 ACM playlist.
  • Something delicious to sip on. Might we suggest a glass of our bourbon-barrel aged Gold Rush Red? This Red Blend is as smooth as can be, building a perfect bridge to your evening wind down.

How are you gearing up for summer? Tag us with #1000stories to show us your summer moments, kickbacks, and how you’re enjoying 1000 Stories wine all summer long.

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